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At HubPeople.ie, we offer end users a secure and reliable digital platform from which payments can be processed in return for intangible services. Our platform is driven by globally dispersed SAAS affiliate traffic specialising marketing efforts in a variety of regions. Please use one of the contact methods provided if you would like to join our network. 

Software Innovation


Traffic Analysis

The software we utilise is at the highest standard of security, ensuring end user protection during all stages of the payment process and all areas of the journey within our platform. 

Maximise your reach and become part of our globally established network.

Refine your targeting strategy and maximise returns using our superlative algorithms that can identify quality, high profit traffic. 

Our mission is to operate at superlative standards so that maximum revenue is obtained through collaboration with our affiliated networks and acquiring banks. This being achieved whilst accommodating a diverse collection of currencies within our payment standards to offer ease and suitability for optimum numbers of end users.  

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